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A list of some of the compliments that are not worth talking to his girlfriend, if you will, of course, the road

Rather conventional wisdom States that a woman, as is known, loving ears, to live you can't, if every day will not hear from men variety of compliments. She is without them simply withers away as plants without sunlight.

However compliments the compliments strife, and some men, because of their limited or, on the contrary, nature donated sarcasm, can only spoil the relationship with his girlfriend, releasing her such pearls that can permanently ruin her mood.

However, much also depends on the presence of sense of humour at your choice. It may well perceive clumsy compliments over you, as a joke, and heartily laugh at them. But is it worth that risk?

Now, here's a list of some of compliments, before you say that your girlfriend, you need to think carefully.

1. Excellent red dress, it is in harmony with your eyes!
2. Perfectly prepared dish, even through salt feel his magic aroma!
3. You're so effectively dress that I don't even want you to undress!
4. You are so responsive, I usually longer break girls! Continue reading

Fear of the conversation, afraid to speak with the girl

Another fear, which is part of the fear of Dating with a girl is fear of the conversation when you're afraid of what you'll have to deal with a girl. Besides the fear of the approach and the General fear of Dating, perhaps, fear conversation with a girl is the most common and basic guys. We start analysis.

Fear of the conversation, afraid to speak with the girl

What is this fear of talking and talking with the girls? In fact, you can for the girl to come, theoretically, can even meet you, but to communicate and talk to you one of the most terrible things to the girl. But it happens very rarely, as a rule, you generally afraid of acquaintance with a girl and one of the things that you fear is fear to speak to her. After all, you are unlikely to get acquainted, if you are afraid to talk.
Often this fear can be spread not only to get acquainted with the girl, but also for the following points: telephone conversations, conversations on a date. To some extent this is a broader issue than the same fear of the approach. And therefore, more important, to some extent.

As a rule it is also typical fear beginners and guys without much experience with girls, sometimes shy guys, but most often this is the lack of experience with girls. Perhaps even with the problems and fears of communicating with people in General, not only with girls.
They even have in mind the experience of not Dating or romantic relationship, but just basic communication with girls on various topics.
If you expand a logical moments of that fear in dealing with the girls, then it may be not knowing what to say, the feeling that I say something wrong, especially aggravated, if the potential of conversation or communication with girls may be unwitting students. Continue reading

How to know a man?

In this article you will learn how to meet men. But, before you will learn about the most effective ways, I want to draw your attention to a win - win situation-the address smile. Just smile, looking in the eye, and the guy will come to you.

The most successful ways to meet men
On the street

The way the search of the establishment". Before we get to the guy - draw near to him, and ask how to get to the right place. Well, better ask him to show the way. The main task is to show that you're confused. Believe me, the representative of strong sex, seeing before him weak woman feels in himself omnipotence.

On the way, definitely talk to him. For example, if a pretext for search was cafes, tell that your girlfriend is delayed, and you would not like to sit alone. Ask him to drink coffee with you. Well then you tell us that familiar "wrote that she isn't able to come. And you will be alone.

In cafe

"Broken telephone". How to get acquainted with the guys in this situation. Walk up to the young man, and will request to set up machinery (tablet, telephone etc). For example, pre-disconnect the Internet connection. As soon as you have helped, Express your gratitude, that they like. Well, in the end it is a good idea casual mention the fact that you have bad without such a capable guy. Continue reading

The internal state

One of the most important moments in the seduction - your emotional stateand the mood.

I have friends, straight people in terms of communication with the girls, they have a child
know how to communicate with the opposite sex. Not all of
them super successful, go on Bentley and BRABUS, have Breakfast expensive
restaurants and live in the center of Moscow, no. I remember my very good one
a friend, an avid goers, was no money in the club, it was the last pair
ragged shoes... And this did not prevent him to seduce beautiful women will Say...
even more, they treated him drink! Why? He is so funny and
loves to charge people with energy that women forgive him everything.
I saw with my own eyes how he does it, easily and naturally, effortlessly.
Everything depends on the mood and the mood he's just super, always.

Also I have seen very many rich guys who are in the club with a sour face, or with sadness SIP cocktails at the bar... And they are alone.
Did you help them money in the seduction? And if they had a better mood? I think you have guessed. So any of your excuses about the financial aspect is not accepted :) Continue reading




Option "A" - a girl like you, but you'd still indifferent.
Option "B" - you with a girl like each other.
There is, in principle, and "With" when you like a girl, but she'll indifferent (in this case, tense, of course, is not necessary. She comes up to you and you decide what to do with it).

So, let's look closely at the first option acquaintance. You see a girl, she likes you, you want to meet her. She'll either does not see, or sees, but as a sexual object considers. If it doesn't see it, try to show her yourself before you start some interaction. Might very well be that you will be interested, and you can safely go to plan "B".

How to show yourself? No need to start something to shout his friend, loud burping or to fall into a puddle. There is an old proven way - straight look in the eye with a smile. Not with an idiotic grin from ear to ear, although it sometimes can work, and a relaxed friendly smile, expressing sympathy. Try to catch her eye and detain him for a couple of seconds.

Smile, show sympathy and interest, and stalk it calmly reaction. Can to draw attention to do something heroic, unusual and original, if the situation you the opportunity. But one should not play a super hero and do something for show. Everything should be simple and natural, as if casually. Continue reading